What is WiZiGa?

Wiziga is job management software that simplifies daily business operations by keeping track of jobs, clients, labor, materials, line items, tasks, schedules, profit margins and more. It is designed for tradesmen, independent contractors and small businesses with 1-10 team members. When you have multiple jobs going on, it's crucial to stay on top of them efficiently. Simple and intuitive to use. Try it out today and see the difference it can make for your business.

Simple to use job management software for small business of 1-10 team members.

Who is it for?

Wiziga job managment software is designed for:

  • Small business 1-10 team members.
  • Self Employed
  • One man show operations
  • CI Industry - Custom Integrators
  • Independent Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Drywallers
  • Carpenters
  • Handymen Services
  • Any Trades Company (in general)
  • Software Contractors

Wiziga is a versatile job management solution that can be adapted to suit a wide range of businesses.

There are hundreds of thousands of hardworking tradesmen out there just like you trying to stay organized and make money! We encourage you to sign up for a no risk free trial and give it a try. Wiziga may be just the solution you need to get control of your business operations.

SaaS "Software as a Service"

Month to month or annual subscription. 100% self serve, it's a "tool". If a tool is good, you will use it. Everything is step by step. There are self help tips and instructions everywhere. This app has been in use since 2013 in the real world. You have over a decade of tweaks, updates and features that just make sense. If the company's crews in the field needed live hand holding it would not be very effective would it?

No Restrictions Flat Rate

You wont find any account restrictions or limits with WiZiGa. What you see is what you get. Flat rate. No 'nickel-and-dime'.

Wiziga History

Wiziga job management software was initially developed with a specific focus on catering to the requirements of the smart home custom integrator (CI) industry. In 2010, a smart home custom installation business recognized the need to consolidate its daily operations within a single, efficient application. The objective was straightforward: to simplify and streamline their processes. Consequently, they explored various software options tailored specifically for their industry. However, these alternatives proved to be expensive, complex to grasp, accompanied by additional charges, or offered an excess (or lack there of) features beyond what they needed.

A daily, simple to use job management solution was needed for:

  • Mobile cloud centralized data.
  • Simple to use
  • Overall daily operations
  • Client management
  • Job management
  • Task management
  • Timesheets
  • Scheduling
  • Analytics
  • CRM
  • Who, what, where.

Over the years features and updates were added as needed to further increase efficiency. The company that created Wiziga still uses it everyday. In the words of the Founder "Wiziga is a tool. I could not run my business(s) without the app. It is a critical piece of software for daily job management operations."


The Beginning

Dot com era. The founder created a business search engine (Pronet) and had to manage it. Built an app to manage projects, tasks, and ideas efficiently. The early days. Ultimately sold it, made money, had a family, then started new company local in his town.



Small custom installation smart home company in Canada. Lots of small to large jobs in client's homes to keep track of. Tracking and accountability was very difficult and took to much of the owner's time. How many hours? Are all tasks complete? Are we billing for everything? What jobs are Active, Complete? What previous job's have we done with this client?

Looked at the solutions for the specific industry the business was in. Too costly, too difficult to learn, too many features or lack there of, always extra fees. We already had our detailed quoting in place...it was just simple daily operations we needed.

Other small business "Apps" at the time were too simple, too 'what?....I don't get it", or it looked to be written by nerds who had never actually owned their own business for 20 years.

Write our own solution!. That's where it all started. The business needed a centralized plus mobile "anywhere" simple to use cloud program the company could use everyday to keep track of the very most basic things like client, jobs, timesheets etc. The founder pulled something out of mothball, whipped up Rev 1 in a couple weeks and the rest is history.


Wiziga used everyday

Wiziga now being used on every job. The need to know what was going on, staying organized, not forgetting tasks and small items, logging hrs was absolutely critical. Over the years a pattern developed: more hrs were being billed for than previously, all the small materials that were being overlooked now billed for. Revenue was up. Effiency was way up.


Ongoing Updates

Ongoing updates being done based on common sense needs and requirement found in the field. The app was taking a life on of it's own.

100% reliant on Wiziga for daily operations. The app was saving the company thousands of dollars over the years. Labour hrs were now being accounted for. Logs and detailed data available to backup invoice validity. Sound like a familiar problem? All business owners run into this scenario.


Decision to re-write app for public

Summer time BBQ with friends. "I remember doing a timesheet and updating a job on my phone for an installation we had just finished. The guys all asked what i was doing so I showed them." They ALL said "I have the same issues in my company! You need to make that for anyone to use".


Getting it ready for everyone

Over the next 4 years Wiziga gets completely re-written to modern PWA and UI technologies. Multiple local trades businesses now using Wiziga.


Official Live Launch

After years of everyday use in the field without issues Wiziga is ready for the public.

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