Get the most out of wiziga job management software.

Install the app!

Install the app at the login page. In Chrome or Edge, on Android or Windows you will see a large "Install Wiziga" button at the bottom of the screen. For apple Users, "add wiziga to home screen". The app can be installed on any mobile device, desktop or laptop.

Getting Started Simplified

Where do I start? Follow this simple guideline. You have 1 month free to make the switch from old to new.

  1. Finish off any existing jobs you have using the apps and processes you are already using.
  2. ALL NEW jobs moving forward should be entered into Wiziga. Don't input any new job back into your old system processes. You have to switch over from old to new.
  3. Following these simple steps and eventually all your jobs will be managed in wiziga.

Take the time and make it happen

You are here because you want a better way of running your daily operations. This is dependent on you to take the time and make the switch. Ultimately it's you who has to make the commitment. It's your business.

Use it everyday!

Make it a daily work ethic habit. A tool is only as good as how often you use it. Login every day and use WiZiGa app. Keep your job details up to date.

When you first create your Wiziga account

When you first create your Wiziga account take 10-30 minutes of your time to set it up. Just do it. There are important settings you should complete to get the best out of Wiziga for your company. Customizing your new account is critical. All of these functions are under the ADMIN MENU once you login.

  1. USERS -> Edit your user, add users. Set your hrly rate, set permissions to either admin or default
  2. ACCOUNT -> Check your Account information for accuracy and edit as required
  3. CLIENT TYPES -> SEARCH -> LIST ALL -> As above. Edit, delete, add as required
  4. JOB TYPES -> SEARCH -> LIST ALL -> As above. Edit, delete, add as required
  5. JOB STYLES -> SEARCH -> LIST ALL -> As above. Edit, delete, add as required
  6. CITIES -> ADD -> Add cities you do business in
  7. CLIENTS -> ADD -> Add a new client
  8. BILLING RATES - Check the rate you charge out at, add more billing rates if you need.
  9. DASHBOARD -> DAILY OPERATIONS -> EDIT -> You can check off this task list as complete.
  10. JOBS -> ADD -> Follow the form prompts.
Good data in = good data out

Be diligent. When doing timesheets make your notes detailed. You may need them months into the future if your client asks what you did for the time you are charging. When adding or editings a job, input the estimated hrs, labour value, material value and costs etc. Input tasks that need to be completed. These data fields are all used in the graphs.

Add a new client

You must add a client in order to add a job. Start by adding one of your clients into Wiziga. Use the client "NOTES" field for details you need to remember about the client in the future.

Add Jobs, its all in the details

Take the time to use as many of the input fields available that make sense to you. Really important input fields are "Hours Est", Any of the Labour Value, Materials Value etc fields, Notes, Tasks, Assign To etc. The more information you input the better. Costs inputs should not be overlooked as this will let you know how profitable at a glance the job is and your historical profit average. All these data points provide you with nice graphing and statistical information over time.

Enter a Timesheet!

You have added a job. Now you have gone and worked on that job. Take 5 minutes end of day. Open the app, touch the big timesheet button, add your timesheet and go home. Do this on a daily basis. Once you have done this once, you can do this in under a minute.

Job "Scheduling" feature

Scheduling uses your existing calendar. Under your account settings, input the URL of your online calendar and save. When you schedule a job the first time and click/touch the big "+" button opens a formatted calendar file. Choose "Always Open in Calendar" when prompted by your device. Now everytime you schedule a job, click the button your calendar will automatically open. Set once and done.

Job "Share" feature

This is a very useful tool and saves lots of time. In the details of an active or scheduled job, you have an option to "Share" the job information with either someone on your crew or the customer. The "Standard Share" (most commonly used) emails all the important details to your crew or workers. The "Client Share", let's you select what job details to send to your customer. Very handy when a customer asks for an update or progress report on a job.

Job "Tasks" feature

Get into the habit of inputing tasks in a job. You can add tasks when you enter a new job, when doing a timesheet or editing a job. As tasks get checked off as complete, your job graph will show progress status and let you know at a glance how close you are to completion. Tasks are critical so you don't forget anything that needs to get done on a job. Tasks are important so that IF a customer asks has everything been done, you have a logged date stamped record of it.