Job timesheets are essential for effectively monitoring job labor expenses and billable hours. The process of entering a timesheet is straightforward and can be completed in as little as one minute. By clicking the prominent TIMESHEET button, users can access a user-friendly step-by-step wizard that guides them through the process. This includes recording the time in and time out, specifying the type of labor performed (which may be subject to different billing rates), providing relevant notes, tracking mileage, accounting for extras and expenses, documenting materials used, checking off completed tasks from a pre-defined list, adding new tasks on the fly, and uploading files such as job photos and expense receipts.

Mobile Timesheets

Simple timesheet UI. Your field crew workers select the big Timesheet button on the main dashboard and selected the job they have been assigned to. Makes it easy to do a timesheet in the field at the end of the day.

  • Select big Timesheet button on dashboard
  • Select an assigned job
  • Fill in the timesheet
  • Step by step form

Desktop How to add Timesheets

The Timesheet interface is a simplified step by step form. We know how hard it is to get your guys in the field to do their timesheets.

  • Date Stamp
  • Time in/out
  • Travel Time
  • Break Times
  • Labour Type (Assigns Billing Rate value)
  • Odometre / Mileage / Extras
  • Notes
  • Tasks completed. Add a new Task
  • Materials Use, Request
  • Job Extras
  • File upload (images)

Timesheet Management

Administrators Only. All aspects of timesheets can be edited. You can search, download as a spreadsheet, view user hours, view how many hours are going into a job.

User Profile Timesheets

Users can go view their timesheet hrs and logged notes under their profile. Summary and graphing provided.

Downloading Timesheets

Administrators Only. You can download timesheets as a spreadsheet if you need to. Just search timesheets, select the "Export Timesheet" tab and select the spreadsheet (.csv) drop down menu. This will automatically format a spreadsheet you can download on search results.