Job management software for custom integrators and Control4 dealers that is simple to use.. Manage your everyday jobs, tasks, timesheets and clients efficiently all in one app. Increase your business efficiency with Wiziga job management software.

In 2010, a custom installation Control4 dealer in West Vancouver, BC, Canada recognized the need to consolidate its daily operations within a single, simple to use efficient mobile app.

Wiziga has evolved.

Features and functions evolved from real world requirements. Wiziga is applicable to a broad range of small business owners to simply run daily operations efficiently.

Custom Integrator Features (CI Industry)

  1. Dashboard adminstrator view: Central master control of everything.
  2. Simplified field crew view: All your field crew(s) see right away the jobs they are scheduled / Assigned to in a simple list format (8am here, 1pm there etc), big timesheet button, job details, tasks etc. Keep it simple for the crew.
  3. Client management: Full historical data, how many jobs, how much has the client spent, are they above or below the average profit margin, all historical job details, any files for jobs. Critical.
  4. Jobs details: Client data, notes, tasks, materials, line items, progress, timesheets, file uploads, finacials, analytics. Complete at a glance overview. Running cost vs Value.
  5. Schedule jobs: Integrates with existing calendars, also provides a simplified easy to read list view of any scheduled jobs and who is assigned to them.
  6. Job task management: Example - install speakers, sound check, rack clean, firmware update etc. All tasks record who completed and when for future reference.
  7. Task templates: Create tasks to be used over and over. Example: "System test", "Firmware update", "Client sign off", "Job Complete". You can choose to set a task template to automatically be added to every job or as an option.
  8. Job progress tracking: Is the job complete? How many tasks left to do? How close are the logged hours to the set job hours? Are we on track?
  9. Job sharing:Need to share updated job details on the fly? Or just send the crew an email schedule? In seconds send job details to any of your crew or update the client for a progress report.
  10. Timesheets: these can take as little as 1 minute to complete. Default timesheet reminder is sent if no timesheet has been entered by end of day.
  11. File uploads: Example pictures from a prewire for future reference.
  12. Materials List: You can create your own material list, add a Control4 material list, bulk add materials from spreadsheet when adding or editing a job
  13. Quoting and Estimating: Detailed yet simple to use.
  14. Assign users: When adding or editing a job, simply check off which crew members are assigned to it. Doing so updates their personalized "simplified crew view"
  15. Multiple billing rates: Example: installation, troubleshooting, programming, management may all be different billing rates. Use multiple billing rates to track your labour percentage averages across all jobs over time. Maximize your labour billing. Very usefull.
  16. Set 2 sales tax rates: In BC Canada this is GST, PST. (Federal, Provincial). In Ontario it's just one rate HST. Use as required.
  17. Set your user pay rates: You need to know how much they are costing you.
  18. Live profit data: Is the job making you money?
  19. Analystics: Lots of deep data.
  20. Historical data: Look up anything from the past.

Control4 Dealers

  1. All the list above.
  2. Control4 dealer price list: Add Control4 materials spreadsheet data directly to your account. We suggest you only add Control4 materials you use consistantly, the Control4 price list really huge and likely you won't use all the parts in it.
  3. Adding jobs: You have 2 options, stream lined fast job addition or detailed job addition with materials, line items etc.
  4. Task templates: For control4 dealers we recomend you setup some basic task templates to automatically use over and over on all jobs: System test, firmware update. Things you do on every job over and over.
  5. Example Adding jobs: Large jobs Due to the hundreds of potential line items, you may be using your own quoting program such as Excel Spreadsheet. Just copy paste the financial data into wiziga, bulk add your materials cost/price and quanties
  6. Example Adding jobs: Small service jobs example would be replacing a Control4 amplifier: Create the job, select a Control4 amplifier from the materials menu, add in the labour hours estimated for installation and programming, add tasks install amp, program amp, system test. Takes only a couple minutes.
  7. Wiziga was created by a Control4 dealer in Canada.