Managing Job Tasks

Managing tasks and projects efficiently is crucial for tradesmen, contractors and self employed business owners. Tradesmen, such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and custom integrators require effective task management to ensure project execution. All jobs have tasks, such as installing electrical wiring, mounting a TV, painting a wall, framing a deck etc. A good task management app ensures you won't foget any tasks that need to be completed so your job runs smoothly.

Mobile Job Task Management

Quickly view open and closed tasks on any active job when you are on the go. Tasks can be prioritized and due dates set. Live active and prioritized tasks feed on the main dashboard so you can see what's going on at a glance. Add tasks, edit task priority and task due date. See who completed what task and when. Create task templates that you can use over and over.

Desktop Job Task Management

Tasks are critical for any job. This is your "to do" list so you don't forget anything. Add, mark as complete, set priority, set due date and cancel tasks. As tasks are completed, jobs update their completion progress so you can quickly see that status of the job. One task left? Get it done!

All completed tasks are logged to the job and by whom on what date. You will be glad to have these records months later when a client asks if something has been done!

Project Tasks Management In Timesheets

When a user fills out a timesheet, the list of open tasks is part of the input flow. Users can check off any tasks they have completed when they do their timesheet. They can also add a new task. Only Administrators can prioritize, set due date and cancel a task.

Job Task Management Editing

Only Administrators can prioritize, set due date and cancel a task. Administrators are offered a "Complete" checkbox, "Cancel" checkbox, "Priority" checkbox and "Due Date" input field. Default users are not. Select a job and then Edit. Go to the Tasks tab. Here you can set the task as a priority, set a task due date, mark as complete, cancel or add new tasks. New tasks are entered "one per line". You can paste a predone list of tasks all at once to save time.