CRM Client Management

Our Client Management CRM offers comprehensive tools to effectively manage your clients and their associated information. Gain access to historical data on all jobs and track the amount of business conducted with each client. Detailed financial records provide line item breakdowns, totals, averages, and profit or loss analysis. Determine if a client is generating profit or falling below the average profit margin. Additionally, seamlessly integrate client contact details, including phone, email, and map address, into your native mobile device functions for enhanced convenience.

Mobile Client Data

Big buttons! Clean interface and simple navigation. Add, Edit, Delete your clients (Administrators only).

  • Map integration
  • "Phone" integration.
  • Email contact integration
  • All jobs done with client since day one
  • Historical financial data
  • Is the client profitable?
  • Is the client above average profit margin or below?
  • How many jobs done for client
  • Deep historical data

Desktop Client Deep Data

Our Client Management CRM offers a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing your clients and their associated details. With this system, you can effortlessly store and access important notes and information about each client, ensuring that you have all the necessary data readily available for future reference.

Furthermore, our CRM provides deep data analysis of financials, offering detailed line items, totals, averages, and profit or loss figures. This enables you to assess the profitability of each client and determine whether they are contributing positively to your business. By identifying clients who generate substantial profits, you can focus your efforts on nurturing these relationships for continued success.