Job Management Dashboard

The dashboard serves as the primary central interface, enabling users to perform various actions such as adding, editing, searching, deleting, and viewing statistics. Additionally, it provides access to account settings, quick glance overviews, live feed updates, priority tasks, and information regarding team member assignments. All menu selections are conveniently accessible from this interface. It is important to note that default users are restricted from accessing sensitive data and are unable to modify any account settings.

Administrator Dashboard Software

Big buttons! Clean interface and simple navigation. When you are on the go mobile. The main dashboard gives you all the important daily job details at a glance.

  • Manage your jobs
  • See what jobs are active, complete, invoiced
  • See what team members are assigned to what jobs
  • Do a timesheet
  • Quick overview of job details and status
  • Share job details on the fly with team members or client
  • Look at tasks to be done
  • Look at tasks that are complete
  • Uploaded job files for reference
  • Historical and live data graphs
  • Live profit margins
  • Account Settings
  • Team member profiles and performance
  • Natively integrates with your mobile calendar, map, phone, files, email etc.

Crew View Keep It Simple

Big buttons! Clean interface. Your crew(s) see right away only what job(s) they are on. What time they start and where. What jobs they are assigned to.

  • Assigned to jobs
  • Scheduled jobs with
  • Timesheet
  • Steamlined job details
  • View job notes
  • View job tasks
  • Natively integrates with your mobile calendar, map, phone, files, email etc.

Desktop Dashboard Software

Job management software designed to meet the demands of daily operations. This software includes a comprehensive range of essential features that enable swift and efficient access to pertinent details. Key highlights include real-time updates on Active, Scheduled, Complete, and Invoiced jobs, as well as a clear overview of job assignments. Additionally, users can easily track job completion rates and monthly job counts, while also monitoring profit margins through intuitive graphical representations.

Admin users have full access. Default users have limited access. Administrators can: Change account settings, billing rates, job types, add/edit/search/delete, statistics, user account management etc. Administrators have access to ALL features.

Default users, such as your crew in the field, have a simplified dashboard letting them know what jobs they are scheduled on and assigned to right away. Keeping it simple.