Mobile Job Management

Manage your ongoing jobs on the fly in the field.

  • Detailed overview
  • Do your timesheet
  • Share data
  • Manage tasks
  • Quoting

Desktop Job Management

Large screen interface. Complete details of your jobs. On budget? On schedule? What tasks are left to complete?

  • Break down of labour types logged
  • Estimated profit
  • Estimated labour hrs vs logged hrsLive job costs.
  • Timesheet log entries
  • Extras added during the job

Adding Jobs

Administrators Only. Adding a new job is done in 3 simple steps. You either start by selecting "Job -> Add -> Choose Client", or by "Client -> Search -> Choose Client -> Select the Job Icon". Just follow the prompts. The more details you input the more accurate and efficient your job will be.

  1. Select Client
  2. Choose client's address or a new address
  3. Final details - click Add

Editing Jobs

Administrators Only. Jobs can be edited from multiple points

  • Jobs - Search
  • Dashboard - click the edit button under any active job
  • Job Details - Select Edit