Mobile App Dashboard

Wiziga app has big buttons! Simple navigation. Intuitive UI so it's easy to use when you are on the go mobile. The job management app app dashboard gives you all the important daily job details at a glance.

  • Manage your jobs
  • Quick overview of job details and status
  • See what team members are assigned to what jobs
  • Do your timesheets
  • Share job details on the fly with team members or client
  • Look at tasks to be done and what tasks have been closed.
  • Job Files for reference
  • Useful data graphs of profit margins, job completion states
  • Account Settings
  • Team member profiles and performance
  • Natively integrates with your mobile calendar, map, phone, files, email etc.

Desktop App Dashboard

Job management app full details view on your desktop or laptop. Designed for the needs of daily operations. Quick over view and access to full details, editing, deep data stats, account settings and more. At a glance view your: Active, Scheduled, Complete, Invoiced jobs. See who is assigned to what jobs and when. View priority tasks with upcoming due dates. Clean graphs showing job completion status and monthly job counts. Live profit margin graphs so you can see if you are on track and profitable.