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Mobile Quoting

Administrators Only. Need to quote in the field? No poblem. A simple basic quoting system is included. The client gets the quote immediately when you send it. Quoted jobs show up on the dashboard. Change a "quoted" job to an "active" job with just one button push.

Desktop Estimating

Administrators Only. Many of you already have their quoting method, software etc but if you don't Wiziga has one for you to use. Quotes show up as "jobs" but are not "active" until you touch the "Mark As Active" button. We added basic quoting because one of our local businesses already on Wiziga really needed it.

  • Prepopulates all your billing rates so you just choose how many hrs of what type
  • Prepopulates client data - Name, Address, Email etc.
  • Automatically calculates taxes (based on your account settings)
  • Use it for pricing by "SqFt". Use the "Misc" input box. Input your $sqft price, input how many units (sq ft - 2500, house) - done.