Mobile Scheduling

Scheduling uses your existing mobile calendar: Outlook, gCal or Apple. This way when you schedule a job it syncs across all your devices/desktops/laptops automatically. To use scheduling you need to input your online live calendar into your account settings. The first time you schedule a job, your device will ask if you want to open it in your calendar. Say yes "always".

Desktop Scheduling

We suggest you setup a live calendar for your business to use for Scheduling. This way your job schedule does not interfere with your personal calendar. The process is very simple and is done by you, not Wiziga.

When you select a job and "Schedule", you choose the date and time. The first time you do this, your device will ask you "Open in Calendar?". Say yes. All the notes, tasks lists, alloted hrs are added to your calendar entry. You can then also use your calendar's built in "Share" function to share the date with your crew. Then the job also shows up on their calendars. Simple. Why reinvent the wheel.