Mobile Timesheets

Simple timesheet UI. Users can select the big Timesheet button on the main dashboard. Makes it easy to do a timesheet in the field at the end of the day.

  • Select big Timesheet button on dashboard
  • Select a job
  • Fill in the timesheet
  • Step by step form

Desktop How to add Timesheets

The Timesheet interface is a simplified step by step form. We know how hard it is to get your guys in the field to do their timesheets.

  • Date Stamp
  • Time in/out
  • Travel Time
  • Break Times
  • Labour Type (Assigns Billing Rate value)
  • Odometre / Mileage / Extras
  • Notes
  • Tasks completed. Add a new Task
  • Materials Use, Request
  • Job Extras
  • File upload (images)

Timesheet Management

Administrators Only. All aspects of timesheets can be edited. You can search, download as a spreadsheet, view user hours, view how many hours are going into a job.

User Profile Timesheets

Users can go view their timesheet hrs and logged notes under their profile. Summary and graphing provided.

Downloading Timesheets

Administrators Only. You can download timesheets as a spreadsheet if you need to. Just search timesheets, select the "Export Timesheet" tab and select the spreadsheet (.csv) drop down menu. This will automatically format a spreadsheet you can download on search results.