Mobile Account Customization

Administrators Only. Complete mobile account customization whenever you need it.

  • Change automatic reminders
  • Add a calendar url
  • Add/Edit/Delete billing rate
  • Add a city
  • Add a new job type
  • Add a new user
  • Change a user labour rate
  • And more

Desktop Account Customization

Administrators Only. The more you customize Wiziga to your business the simpler it is to use. You call the fields whatever makes sense to you.

  • Geographic work area - Input the cities you do business in
  • Billing Rates - Call them what you want and input the rate. Minimum 1 billing rate required
  • Job Types - You must have 1. This is to help you classify what types of jobs you work on.
  • Client Types - You must have 1. As many as you need. Home owner, business etc.
  • Job Styles - You must have 1. Residential, Industrial, Commerical. Call them what you want.
  • Job Sizes - This is auto populated for you. Numbers. IE Sqft or Sqm.
  • Sales Taxes - You can have up to 2 sales taxes: Fed, Provincial. Maybe they are two different rates. maybe one applies to labour and the other apples to materials.
  • Break Times - Paid or Not Paid. You choose. This affects how timesheet hrs are totalled.
  • Timezone - This affects when automatic notifications are sent and other behind the scenes actions

Customize Account Settings

Take the time to edit your account options like billing rates, cities etc. This is a set and forget once completed.

Administrators Only.