Wiziga Job management software is designed specifically for tradesmen, trades, tradies, contractors, small businesses, and self-employed professionals with up to 10 team members. This software ensures organizational efficiency and time optimization by effectively managing your jobs. With Wiziga, you can efficiently handle your everyday jobs, tasks, timesheets, and clients all within a single user-friendly application. Wiziga job management software simplifies the process of scheduling jobs and facilitates seamless sharing of job data with your team. Use Wiziga job management software to enhance your business efficiency and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Job Management Dashboard

The dashboard is your main central interface: Add, edit, search, delete, stats, users, settings, quick glance overviews, live feed, priority tasks, what team members are assigned to what jobs and all your menu selections. Default users do not see any sensitive data and cannot edit any account settings.

Client Management CRM

It all starts with clients. Input your clients and any notes/details about the client you need to for the future so 6 months later you don't forget. Historical deep data of all jobs, how much the client has spent in total and average profit margin. How much business your client has done with you and are they profitable. Very useful. Phone, email, address all hooked into your native mobile device functions for simplicity.

Job Management Daily Operations

All jobs are attached to your clients. To add a job is easy by selecting your client and clicking on the "Job" icon. Jobs are prepopulated with client data and include all historical address locations as options. So if your client has multiple addresses, you just select one of the historical locations are add a new address. Additional details include: Job Value, Costs, Estimate labour hrs, Assign users, Materials List, Task List, Notes, Details, Tasks to get done and more.


Entering a timesheet is simple and can take as little as one minute! Hit the big TIMESHEET button and follow the simple step by step wizard. Time in-Time out, type of labour (maybe you bill different rates), required "notes" input, mileage, extras, expenses, material used, tasks list for checking as complete, add a new task on the fly and file uploads such as job photos and images of expense receipts.

Job Task Management

This falls under job management. You add tasks or check off tasks as completed, or priotitize or set a due date. These are all options for from simple to detailed. All completed job tasks record the user and date for reference. When a client asks if you completed a task, you can show them who did and when. Very useful!

Job Scheduling

Uses your existing calendar. Pick a job, select "Schedule", Choose the date and add to your calendar. Simple. All job data is auto formatted for your calendar, whether its Outlook, Gmail or Apple. Why reinvent the wheel?

Share Job Details

In seconds you can share job details with your team or your client. Send your people quick updates as the job progresses or a contractor what needs to get done. You can send your client the current state of the job and choose what details to include optional. Very useful!

Account Customization

You have complete control of your account settings. You set your billing rates, user pay rates, tax rates, job types, client types and more to best suite your business

Job Estimating and Quoting

Included is a powerful but simple to use quoting tool auto formatted based on your account settings. Do a quick quote live and automatically send to client. This feature is always growing with options.

Deep Data Analytics

Over time your business will generate automatic graphs and statistical data (good data in , good data out) giving you an over view of your real business. Profit margins, historical, annual cycles, geographic, industry, client sector, hours, job numbers, type of labour, and more. Stuff you need at a glance. IE, management is historically 15%. July through September is historically busy.


Invoicing is available for those that need it. We recommend all businesses use an accounting program for invoicing.. Wiziga is NOT an accounting program. We take NO responsibilty for any government, federal, provincial, state monetary accounting requirements.

In the Cloud

Wiziga is 100% cloud AI. Nothing is stored on your personal devices. We believe your privacy is a personal right. All data transmissions are encrypted. Your data is on high speed secure 24/7 redundant servers in Canada. Internet access required.